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BodyBuilding Vs Weight Loss vs Wellness ..

Bodybuilding is the process of performing progressive resistance and weight training exercises to break down muscle fibre which eventually repairs, strengthens and enlarges the muscles of the body.

With bodybuilding , a lot of weight training is involved, individual body parts are targeted and trained with the aim of building muscle in those areas . Together with a high protein diet which also involves some carbs, healthy fats, vitamins, vegetables and a well balanced diet for optimal muscle growth. 

Weight Loss training involves an effective mix of strength and endurance exercises along with a diet plan to reduce total body mass . 

Weight loss exercises involves aerobic exercises like running, walking, jumping, cycling and some other endurance activities that help to speed up metabolism, burn fat and also good for the cardiovascular system. Together with a low calorie intake this eventually helps to reduce total body mass.

Wellness is the state of being of good health in the body and mind especially as an actively pursued goal. 

Wellness is a holistic approach to health , it's a state of complete physical, mental and social well being . It involves various dimensions but can be broken down into 7 dimensions (SPECIES)  Spiritual, Physical, Environmental , Career, Intellectual, Emotional, Social . It's more of a state of mind and awareness to the overall health and well being. Wellness is about finding a balance, positivity, self responsibility and being proactive. 

Although they are all performed with health in mind, the perspectives, process and end goals are slightly different . With Bodybuilding the focus is on aesthetics and strength with Weight Loss the focus is on reducing fat and total body mass and with Wellness the focus is on overall health, prosperity being at one with self and inner calm. 

In conclusion, many people decide which is best for them based on preference, personality, state of mind, life experience and well as goals so it will be difficult to say which is the best route. The reason why some might include two or even all to get the added benefits as they all in their own rights have their advantages.