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"Would lifting weights make me look manly" ?? Women often ask

Weight training is a form of physical training that involves lifting weights with the aim of developing strength and size of the skeletal muscles. It utilises the force of gravity in the form of weighted bars, dumbbells and other specialised equipment in order to oppose the force generated by muscle through contraction. 

Men VS Women 

Men and women are built differently in general . Males do build muscle faster than females do and also more dense muscles. This is because males naturally have more testosterone (a male hormone) that helps to form muscle. It takes females a lot more time and effort to build dense muscles in comparison to men.

The natural build of men is more equipped for exercise an muscle gain. The average woman has 1/2 of the upper body and 3/4 of the lower body musculature of men. Men are leaner and have a lower fat ratio while Women have wider hips and higher fat ratio than men which might be a disadvantage when running for example, but this becomes very useful during pregnancy and child birth. 

Men also benefit from muscular hypertrophy, they have bigger hearts and greater lung volume. Women on the other hand, recover faster and have a higher work capacity than men . 

With all this in mind , it is a little clearer that building muscle mass is not as straight forward/automatic just by women lifting weights as there are a lot of other factors that have an effect on the rate of muscle growth. 

Myth Debunked 

Most people often associate large dense muscles as 'masculine' which is understandable as at some point weight lifting and certain muscular physiques were seen as a male thing, while women were more into burning fat , cardiovascular exercises and not necessarily exercises focused on building muscle mass. When it comes to aesthetics broad shoulders, muscular arms and in general a muscular upper body are associated with men while a more narrower upper body is seen as more feminine. 

Nowadays a lot of women are into lifting weights and building muscle mass especially in the upper body area so who is anyone to say what is and isn't 'Manly' as it's only perception and down to individual goals. The word 'Manly' is subjective as a lot of women like the muscular athletic build and it makes them feel empowered, while other women might see it as less feminine.

Lifting weight in general builds muscle and burns fat . The effect it has on a physique is completely up to diet, type of training and genetics . With Weight lifting women can target where they want to build muscle compared to other types of training. 

The answer to the question "does weight training make women look manly" is 'NO' because first of all what's manly to someone isn't to someone else. Not all women want to look the same or what society might deem as feminine as everyone is entitled to look how they want. Also women in comparison to men's bodies react to training differently so even if women tried to train like men doesn't necessarily mean they will achieve similar physiques.

In conclusion, the whole point of lifting weights is that it helps sculpt the body as desired . The difference in physiques is down to genetics, volume, intensity, muscles focus on, diet and a specific training regimen that reflects how you want to perform and how you want to look like. Women can always have training tailored to their specific goals and preferences.